Workshops and courses

Pina, Giuseppe Accardo and Jérémy Depuydt


L’Agence du court métrage offers through its catalog of films a variety of workshops adapted to your request (theme and audience).

❗All workshops are only available in French

Step by step session at L’Agence du court métrage

Discover short films

  • Presentation of L’Agence du court métrage and key figures on short film production and broadcasting
  • Tour of the 35 mm stockroom and presentation of film restoration
  • Film screening followed by a Q&A session

Goals: discover short films, work on a theme in connection with your project (city, music, cinema, portrait, etc.) prepare a practical workshop etc.

Discovering critic

Discover and experience the work of film critic

  • Films screening
  • Fun activity to identify the specific elements of a critic and their roles
  • Initiation to film critic

Goals: Discover a job, question one’s relationship to films, question films availability, question one’s choosing method.


Programming workshops

Invite a group to become film programmers for the duration of a workshop

  • Discover a selection of short films with a cinema professional
  • Create a short film program as a group
  • Prepare and run the short film screening 

Goals: include new audiences in the programming of your venue, create a partnership between your organization and a movie theater, offer a group project to your audiences etc.


Create your movie poster

Elaborate a movie poster for a short film program

  • Screening of a short film program and debate on the films
  • Use Graphinema as a group to create a poster of the film program reflecting its theme or the connections made 

Goals:  Enable public speaking around films thanks to a connection made between them, work on a theme with various artistic proposals, create a common and collaborative visual expression.


Editing with the mashup table

Discover and try the tools that directors use to play with the audience’s emotions. The Mashup table encourages a very intuitive practice of editing by manipulating image cards and interactive sounds. 
It gives an endless opportunity to make and unmake films.

  • Film screening
  • Work in a small group with the Mashup table to edit one of the films using video and audio clips
Les Liaisons foireuses, Chloé Alliez and Violette Delvoye

Workshops and projects developed by L’Agence du court métrage

L’Agence du court métrage spreads out a set of cultural actions such as:

  • Short Critic Program with 20 classes from 5 high schools in Ile de France (Action supported by the Region Ile de France)
  • Critic-in-residence at the Evariste Gallois Middle School (Paris, 13th) as part of the city of Paris artistic residences L’art pour grandir.
  • “I plan a cinema screening” workshop during afterschool classes for the city of Paris
  • Bedside Workshop “Cinema in my room” at the Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital
  • Critic workshop for the video channel of the Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital
  • Cine-debate and directing workshop at the Homeless and social opportunities Shelter Rosa Luxemburg
  • Programming workshops in the geriatric services of the Broca and Vaugirard Hospitals


Short film as a learning tool

L’Agence du court métrage can offer specific courses as part of trainings dedicated to teachers, activity leaders, educators, movie theaters, multimedia libraries or any person in charge of a group or a cultural organization.

  • ½ day or 1 day
  • Introduction to the history of short films and its broadcasting
  • Practical experience: run a debate around a film, connect films through the programming workshop etc.
Max veut faire du théâtre, Max Linder

Step by step session at L’Agence du court

Duration: 2 hours
Price: 150€

Discovering critic session

Duration: 2 hours
Price: quotation on demand


Programming workshops

Duration: 8 hours minimum up to long projects (weekly projects, intensive courses etc.)
Price: quotation on demand


Create your movie poster workshop

Duration: 3 hours
Price: 350 € excluding taxes
Location: at L’Agence du court métrage

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