The catalogue of L’Agence du court métrage counts over 15,000 short films of all genres (fiction, animation, documentary, experimental). This catalogue keeps expending as it welcomes 550 new films every year.


L’Agence du court métrage’s first mission is to list and index all short films produced or co-produced in France, however, within the framework of specific broadcast projects or collection exchanges, its catalogue also welcomes a selection of international films discovered in festivals. Though, international films join the catalogue only on L’Agence du court métrage’s request.

In order to facilitate the work of our programmers, L’Agence du court métrage centralizes the broadcast material and the exploitation rights given by directors and producers. Each year, thanks to its large catalogue, L’Agence du court métrage is able to answer the requests of over 700 broadcasters and screening venues in France and abroad.


L’Agence du court métrage operates as an agent within the framework of a distribution agreement:

  • Public screening rights
  • Institutional and educational networks
  • Audiovisuals rights – à la carte
  • France and Abroad – in accordance with available territories
  • Non-exclusive
  • A 20% commission


When your film is registered, it is listed and indexed in the catalogue. L’Agence du court métrage’s team screens your film shortly after its registration. Your film can now be selected to join certain editorialized projects, for specific broadcasters or clients.

  • Sales
  • Shorts Before Features with L’Extra Court
  • Curated Programs
  • Selections for Animation Cinema Celebration and Documentary Film Month
  • Regional broadcast programs
  • Brefcinema, a subscription video on demand service dedicated to short films

Photos : La Chanson, by Tiphaine Raffier / Les Mauvais garçons, by Élie Girard / Le Roi David, by Lila Pinell