Since its creation, L’Agence du court métrage has always defended and seen short films as complete works, as true cinema, not something in progress.

We guide anybody eager to run educational or cultural activities built around cinema and for all audiences (schools, after school programs, audiences within the medical social field, audiences with limited access etc.)

Short films are a wonderful way to explore cinema especially in an educational setup.
It allows:

  • To approach the richness of cinema through its forms, genres and writings
  • To watch several full movies within one educational session
  • To elaborate a strong comparison, around a theme or a cinematographic idea
  • To create a direct relationship with a film as shorts aren’t usually seen as art pieces or masterpieces unlike features, which sometimes alters the encounter with a film.


L’Agence du court métrage guides audiences through its educational services:

  • A collection of films for public screenings and workshops
  • Short film programs for educational programs
  • Resources:, kits for prepared workshops
  • Workshops: programming workshop, thematic trail
  • Trainings
  • DVD Publishing
  • Accompanying specific projects (short film programs, workshops etc.)



L’Agence du court métrage’s “Short Film and Film Literacy” study guide is designed to familiarize with the short form and its educational possibilities (only available in french).

This guide lets you:

  • Get familiar with short films
  • Think about their educational possibilities
  • Use real workshop and lesson examples

Photos : Charlot musicien, by Charles Chaplin / Les escargots de Joseph, by Sophie Roze / Paris Shanghai by Thomas Cailley 2010 © Ivan Mathie