L’Agence du court métrage guides organizations willing to develop a specific educational project: workshop, short film program, or any other type of film literacy action.

Whether your project is clear or in progress, we provide educational and editorial support through solutions that will facilitate its development and help you:

  • Define your project and its educational goals
  • Choose the films
  • Find counselors or local representatives

Formalizing your needs is the first step in order to elaborate a specific project:

Types of rights, duration of the project, age of the participants, framework of the project, actors of the project, schedule of the project, etc.



With its Jacques-Tati screening room and the development of projects in connection with the territory, L’Agence du court métrage is a local cultural actor.

We are also a place of resources for organizations eager to develop projects on their territory :

  • After school programs
  • Audio description workshops
  • Medical social field workshops
  • Short film programs for local actions
  • High school cinema classes

Photos : Cuando sea grande, by Jayro Bustamante / Oripeaux, by Sonia Gerbeaud and Mathias de Panafieu / Open the door please, by Khalil Joreige and Joana Hadjithomas / L’Exposé, by Ismael Ferroukhi / Chez moi, by Phuong Mai Nguyen / Journée d’appel, by Basile Doganis / Le renard minuscule, by Sylwia Szkiladz and Aline Quertain