PRACTICE FILMS - Program of 3 short films by Jacques Rivette

Forgotten about for almost seventy years, Jacques Rivette’s first three shorts were found in the filmmaker’s apartment in 2016 by his wife Véronique Rivette. These first experiments were silent films with intertitles. The films were restored with 2K resolution by Les Films du Veilleur and Cinémathèque française in collaboration with Cinémathèque de Toulouse and Digimage.


Aux quatre coins, 1949, 20mn
Actors: Francis Bouchet Monique Guèvallo
Considered by Jacques Rivette as “practice films”, these early images offer us a view of the beginning of his artistic journey.
Aux quatre coins includes an original device that immediately sets itself apart from any other classic narrative form. Aux quatre coins does not have any intertitles but black images between a few shots. Rivette offers the viewer intriguing visual forms, encouraging him to imagine his own story.
(Hervé Pichard)


Le quadrille, 1950, 40mn
Actors: Jean-Luc Godard Liliane Litvin Anne-Marie Cazalis François Nithart
Though Godard got a little money from his family, he admitted that the money that went into Rivette’s film came from stealing and selling books from his grandfather Monod’s “Valérianum”. The film featured four actors: two women and two men, one of them Godard. According to Rivette, “It ran 40 minutes and nothing happens. It’s just four people sitting around a table, looking at each other. After ten minutes, people started to leave, and at the end, the only ones who stayed were Jean-Luc and a girl.”
(Richard Brody)


Le divertissement, 1952, 42mn
Actors: Olga Waren Sacha Briquet Alain Mac Moy
We discover in these three early films how the filmmaker gradually mastered the art of mise-en-scène and editing.
Filmed in Parisian parks and on a terrace, Le divertissement foreshadows the labyrinthine walks that would be a part of Rivette’s cinema, in which the characters look for, follow and find each other like in a romantic scavenger hunt. The intertitles of Le divertissement and Le quadrille anticipate the Rivette’s tone and singular poetry. (Hervé Pichard)


DCP – black & white – silent film – 1h42

Practice films

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