About us

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L’Agence du court métrage was founded in 1983 by many professionals (directors, producers, exhibitors, festivals) wishing to promote and develop short film distribution on all screens and for all audiences.


L’Agence du court métrage guides and helps programmers with their short film distribution projects: shorts before features, a la carte or curated programs, selections built around a theme or a director, tailored screenings…

The team works along with movie theaters, festivals, multimedia libraries, TV channels, DVD publishers, online platforms… in France and abroad, promoting our catalogue of over 15,000 films.


L’Agence du court métrage is a true “Film Library for Short Films” counting over 15,000 films in its catalogue. It preserves films – print or digital – that producers or directors entrust L’Agence du court métrage with. Since 2012, L’Agence du court métrage has been dedicated to digitizing films with the help of the CNC and since 2018, with the acquisition of specific digitizing equipment.

Sharing cinema

L’Agence du court métrage is a place of communication and resources which aims at raising cinema and short film awareness of all audiences through:

  • Developing educational actions: educational programs, workshops, trainings and resources like Le Kinétoscope, an online platform dedicated to film literacy.
  • Publishing Bref, a yearly French magazine and a SVoD platform dedicated to short films, available by subscription: brefcinema.com (only in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland)

Accompanying professionals

L’Agence du court métrage provides professionals with several resources and services:

  • Programming advice and online film access, available for buyers, exhibitors...
  • A centralized management of rights and revenues payouts for directors and producers
  • FilmFest, a website facilitating film submission to festivals
  • Renting the Jacques-Tati screening room (42 seats), for work, selection or team screenings

Honorary Chairman and Founding member

Philippe Pilard, Director

Founding members

Marc Baschet, Producer
Baudoin Capet, Production manager

College representatives: Creation

Jérôme Descamps, Chairman and Director
Martin Tronquart, Director
Johanna Vaude, Director


College representatives: Production

Mathieu Bompoint, Treasurer, Utopie Films
Benjamin Bonnet, Mood Films Production
Ron Dyens, Sacrebleu Productions


College representatives: Distribution

Antoine Leclerc, Carrefour des Festivals
Christophe Liabeuf, Independant programmer
Emilie Parey, Ciclic, Centre-Val-de-Loire


College representatives: Cinema Education

Pauline Chasseriau, Secretary, ACAP – Pôle régional image, Hauts-de-France
Nadège Roulet, L’Archipel des Lucioles
Clara Guillaud, Étonnant cinéma


15,053 films in the catalogue
566 new films
10,868 shorts before features
12,618 films screened
815 screening locations